Climate change has become a focal point of the societal and political debate in many countries. Economists have contributed to this debate by assessing the climate problem as well as different proposals for climate policy. A central part of this work is to analyse the economic consequences of different emission scenarios.

In this context, we are happy to announce that a special issue on modelling climate policy in Switzerland has been published in the Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics. Under the umbrella of the Swiss Energy Modelling Platform (SEMP), five modelling teams have contributed to assessing the economic and technological consequences of reaching Swiss emission targets up to 2050. Working with harmonised business-as-usual assumptions, most models find that the climate targets can be reached at modest aggregate costs. Also, most models find that a cost-effective approach towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions relies on replacing fossil fuels with electricity and thus do not recommend a decrease in electricity use, as envisioned in the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050.

In addition to these contributions to the current policy debate, the multi-model comparison facilitated by SEMP helps to identify common trends and differences across models that stem from different modelling frameworks and parametrizations and thus to gain more robust insights to what extent the choice of a modelling framework shapes the results of the analysis.

Figure 1: Modelling results from different models for scenario 15TPC as displayed in the web interface on

SEMP is coordinated by the Simulation Lab (SimLab), a shared infrastructure project of SCCER-CREST, which is in turn financed by Innosuisse. More information about SEMP and SimLab as well as a dash board for browsing model results can be found at

The Collection “Modelling and assessing energy and climate strategies for Switzerland” can be found at

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